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Hotel Ta-Mar – air-conditioned rooms up from 15.000 XOF (23€)

Hotel Ta-Mar Bissau – Rooms + Prices

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Hotel Ta-Mar Bissau is an old renown hotel in Bissau in a nice old colonial building with a spacious veranda for each room.

It offers air-conditioned rooms up from 15.000 XOF, which is the best rate for a room with air-condition in the city centre of Bissau.





Double room – simple

The hotel has the following types of rooms available for your stay (prices per room and night):

  • 15.000 XOF (23€)- simple rooms, two beds, air-condition, shared bathroom on corridor
  • 20.000 XOF (31€) – simple room, two beds, air-condition, shared bathroom on corridor
  • 25.000 XOF (38€) – suite, double bed, air-condition, bathrooms
  • 30.000 XOF (46€) – double bed, air-condition, bathroom
  • 35.000 XOF (53€) – suite, double bed, air-condition, bathroom

Long-Term Stay

Twin-Room (two beds)

Hotel Ta-Mar Bissau is ready for Expats and other long-term residents. As the place is central, safe and quit it serves as place for a number of long-time residents who work in international organizations or businesses. Prices and arrangements are on individual consultation. Don’t hesitate to ask us, once you make your booking.


Hotel Ta-Mar Bissau offers basic hotel services and is depending on the room you choose a budget or middle class hotel in Bissau.

24/7 electricity and water supply, hence the hotel has a backup generator.


Bathroom within the room

Hotel Ta-Mar is situated in the oldest part of Bissau, Bissau Velho, which is near the port. It is in a quiet and safe environment. When you pass the main road through Bissau Velho you find a red building with a restaurant downstairs. This is Restaurant Ta-Mar Bissau, which is famous for its good food in Bissau. It works independently of the hotel. Around the corner in one of the narrow streets you find the hotel entrance.



Hotel Ta-Mar

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