BEST BUDGET Hotels Bissau – cheap Hotels in Bissau for less than 20.000 CFA

Once you are planning your backpacking tour trough Guinea-Bissau you certainly noticed, that hotels and prices in Bissau are not really inviting you for a longer stay. A short look at or the google hotels search for budget hotels Bissau won’t let you find something below 50$ …

Indeed, to get a cheap and still decent room is not an easy task in Bissau, however there are a number of good and cheap hotel options in Bissau. Our top five budget hotels Bissau offer a bit more, than the general average – and here is our listing:

1. Hotel-Residencia Proquil – 12.500+ local atmosphere

Proquil cheap hotel Bissau, Hotel Proquil BissauOur top budget hotel Bissau in 2018 remains Hotel Proquil. It offers you the best rates while directly in the old and nicest part of Bissau downtown.

Run by a local – Sr. Haegas – it brings you into the Bissau vibe. Not fancy, but just original, typical and local – just Bissau!

It has a range of double rooms (one king size bed) – all with small veranda – some with fan, some with an air-condition (however, not the modern type, but devices from the 50’s, they cool the room, but are not quite …).

cheap hotel bissau proquil double room
Hotel Proquil Bissau – view of a double room.

Each room has a private bathroom – bucket shower – water deposits are daily filled. If you fell you need, you might get a room with a fridge.

Hotel Proquil is connected to the normal grid – however they don’t have a backup generator, therefore if EAGB is not delivering power, you are faced with the common blackouts.

Prices – low season up from 12.500, high season (November to April) up from 15.000 CFA.

If you need a more international environment – for example an English

speaking host – your choice is rather the Pensao Creola or Almagui near the airport. If you love to get into touch with the local – go for Proquil. On google Hotel Proquil is rated 3.7 Stars – best in the budget hotels Bissau catergory.

2. Hotel Ta-Mar – 15.000+ cheapest air-conditioned rooms in town!

hotel ta-mar budget hotel bissauSecond best local option for your budget hotel Bissau is the Hotel Ta-Mar – just around the corner of Hotel Proquil it offers you the cheapest air-conditioned rooms in Bissau. However, there are only few rooms at the price of 15.000 and cheapest rooms just have a shared bathroom.

Tap-water and 24/7 electricity supply!

Other rooms rooms and the suites are rather in the mid-range category (20.000 to 35.000) than a budget option – however – its your choice.

3. Almagui – apartments 15.000+ and Camping 5.000+

best price-value budget accommodation in Bissau! Run by a German.

Air conditioned small apartments, with private bathroom, tap water, SAT-TV, 24/7 water rand backup generator, shared common kitchen for your private meals – and as a highlight a swimming pool!

A restaurant is available as well – and again the menu for 5.000 CFA including a drink, is the cheapest you can get at such a place in Bissau.

Fenced and safe area! Near the airport, at the main road to the city center (6 km), however quite and decent place. Many NGO and international organization stuff lives there during their long-term stays, however, short stay are possible, if available.

This is also Bissau’s only CAMPING site – not an official one, but you can put up your tent in the vast garden – use the bathroom with hot shower, store your food the outside kitchen and relax! Just 5.000 CFA per night.

Also known as ‘Andre Cabana’ – run– at the mainroad towards the airport – „Andre Cabana“

4. Pensao Creola – 15.000+

the globetrotter option – often fully booked by NGO stuff,  international travellers and long term residents. Run by Swiss-Guinean couple.

budget hotels bissau pensao creola
Pensã Bissau “Creola”

Pensao Creola offers rooms with and without private bathrooms. In the front they have four bed room – hence as a group you can get it and have a good deal.

In the backyard a new nice wood building has been built.

Pensao Creola has a solar power backup, when grid electricity is on blackout. However, this doesn’t provide you the full service or might run out of power during the night.

A disadvantage is the noisy location – if you need a quit environment during the day – opt for one of the places in Bissau Velho (Proquil or Ta-Mar).

Our top five list hast to end with number fours, as the famous Pensao Central – Dona Berta remained closed – however you might have heard of it as it remained to be one of the most renown places in Bissau – although it never reached the standard of the above mentioned top four hotels.

BOOKING – the next task and as well not easy – indicated numbers of hotel are often out of date? no website and no one responding to you emails (if you had found an email address at all …)?? Well, Bissau is still a largely offline town only the mid-range will offer you some information in the web and have an email address, while only the upper class hotels offer online booking – however that’s why our agency was created – fill in the reservation form and we will give you a quote within one or two days.

The top five hotels are not suitable for you – have a look at all budget option listed for Bissau

BUDGET Hotels Bissau – The general standard

In general the  standard of Hotels in Bissau is rather low, and prices are up. Actually you won’t find an acceptable room below 12.500 CFA per night in Bissau. However, options below exist, but these are rather transient hotels, rented out for a couple of hours, in the backyard of clubs and bars. If you include them in your choice, prices can go down to 5.000 CFA per night. We have not included them in the list, as they cannot be regarded as safe nor comfortable spaces, hence regular travelers only reported negatively …

The budget option in Bissau lie between 12.000 and 19.000 CFA. In this range you cannot expect much, in most cases you will have:

– a double room – shared dorms are not available, however at least one option has a 4 beds rooms you could opt for as a group (Pensao Creola)

– grid-electricity – with frequent blackouts, only a couple of the budget hotels Bissau have a backup-generator or solar powered backup

– bucket-shower – hardly any of the budget hotels has running tap water, however water deposits in the bathrooms are daily filled

– you might get a private room, however in some you will have to share the bathrooms with others.

If you are able to spend a bit more – the mid-range option offer a better standard (air condition, backup-generator, tap-water) and are available up from 20.000 CFA per night – however most options will range between 30.000 and 40.000 per night.